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Custom Doors $599


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Custom Doors from $599

Custom Doors from $599 – Metro Door Special includes free Design and consultation for your entire project.


Custom DoorsCustom Doors
Custom-made doors are a better choice than one-size-fits-all.

  • Tailored just for you. A custom door provides you with exactly what you want where every detail is crafted with you in mind.

  • Excellent quality. Custom-made doors are constructed using the highest-quality materials available. Durable, beautiful and engineered to last.

  • Longevity. Because of the high quality of the materials used and expert craftsmanship you can expect your door to last many years with minimal maintenance.

  • Great investment. Custom doors can raise the perceived value of your home. They makes a statement about the effort and the love you have put into your home to make it secure, beautiful and unique.

  • Door and frame made of natural defect-free timber. Enhanced structural integrity. Only ecological clean materials used to create your custom doors. Enhanced framework and coating are completely weather and UV light resistant. Enhanced durability allows for much easier maintenance.

  • Free installation.

    Remodeling and Home DesignRemodeling and Home DesignRemodeling and Home Design

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