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Space Saving Furniture – Murphy Beds

space-saving-murphy-bed-metrodooraventura.comSpace is critical in Miami condos and apartments. One of our customers needed to achieve a better sense of space to maximize the square footage of his studio rental apartment. The improvement in space would serve to attract more potential renters for the vacation condo.

Although the Miami Beach condo was originally purchased for couples, freeing up floor space made the rental appeal to families, too.

To determine the best solution, we visited the client in the upscale building to gain a visual and practical sense of their needs. We identified a desire to create more space, add plasma TV, and to repurpose the living room as a dual space that also served as a bedroom. We used our Furniture Design Software to develop a unique solution for this customer, sharing the results with the customer onsite via an iPad.

Incorporating a queen size Murphy Wall Bed allowed the bed to remain hidden during the day but conveniently and easily lowered into a comfortable sleeping space at night. To meet the need for shelves and the Plasma TV, we added a module on the side of the Murphy Bed to add closet space, drawers, and shelves.

The increased space provides enhanced comfort for visitors, increasing their ability to circulate the room and still enjoy a comfortable sleeping area at night. Murphy bed plans can dramatically improve the appearance and usage of any room.


Thank you so much for your advice! The room became so useful! We now have a living area and a bedroom area. We not only fit a queen size bed a sofa bed as well. All of the colors, designs, and materials matches perfectly. The result is the modern look that I wanted. Your installers were so professional!

Regina Bodeck