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Custom Sliding Doors: Beautiful Plus More Storage

Custom Sliding Doors: Beautiful Plus More Storage for our client Gabriela Marcano

Gabriela Marcano found Metro at a custom furniture trade show. She was seeking to redo her living space. She wanted custom solutions because just buying furniture did not address all her needs including a revamped closet, better closets doors, wall units, a bar, furniture, and fish tank.

She didn’t know exactly how to achieve what she wanted especially her closets. She considered a bifold door because they looked nice, but did not know they reduce closet space and can be a source of ongoing problems, like slipping off their tracks.


We custom designed optional solutions on our trusty computer so she could visualize how her needs translated into reality.   One key issue was the closet doors.  We strongly recommended a sliding door and not a bifold door to fix her too-wide closet doors. Sliding doors allowed her to organize the closet the way she wanted, maximizing the space within the closet and of the total room.

These practical and aesthetic reasons for installing sliding doors is the reason that so many condo owners are rejuvenating their closet looks with sliding doors.

Gabriela Marcano’s results were beautiful, space saving and efficient.  Sliding doors provide endless options in production and design to allow maximum storage possibilities for interior closet partitions.  The benefits are numerous and installation is easy.  Installing slider doors will completely change the design of your closet, adapting to your own requirements.

Developers and contractors already know the benefits of avoiding dry wall construction around bifold doors in order to have a standard opening. The opening left for bifold doors come in standard measures, ranging from 24” to 96″. With a sliding door, none of this standard measuring is required; instead, we can adapt the sliding door to measure whatever opening you already have! New designs in sliding doors offer options from floor to ceiling and from side to side. In addition, with sliding doors, there’s no weight that can drag down door hinges, which is a common problem with other door designs.


Gone are the inside spaces that are difficult to reach and with your new sliding door, drawers can be installed in any part of the closet.  Sliding doors can easily be chosen to complement the design style of the room in addition to maximizing the overall space. Storage is a cinch when using a sliding door, and kids and adults alike will see the appeal of their new sliding closet door. Need to store bigger items in your closet? It’s not an issue with the increased ability to get into the closet, since wider doorframes are an option in your installation.

Bifold doors are a thing of the past- while 80% of the closet doors delivered in new condos are bifold, this leaves little room for the closet maker to add their personal design stamp. If you’re tired of the same old designs that limit your creativity, storage, and overall room space, it’s time to discuss installing custom sliding doors for your closet! Sliding doors are both physically more appealing and more space efficient for your home.

Customer Review

“Thank you very much for all your support in all the projects for our home. The bar, fish tank, office furniture, and wall unit for our den are all amazing. What I’m most thankful for is your advice convincing me to change my closet doors. We are enjoying being able to use all the closet and access it easily. Your staff is the best!”

Gabriela Marcano