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Custom Furniture Life Changing Makeover: Wall Units, Room Dividers, Murphy Beds, Sliding Doors – Metro Door Aventura

Moshe Zucher found Metro Door Aventura by recommendation as so many of our best clients do. He wanted a new look complete makeover for his lovely condo located in Aventura’s beautiful high rise Peninsula I.

As with so many clients Mr. Zucher had many ideas in his mind seeking some form of physical expression. How to make these ideas a living reality? That is the question.

Metro Door’s Herman Alter makes visualizing the most complex of projections real using advanced computer design software. He sat with Mr. Zucher and his wife Monique in front of his large screen computer as the mental images were transformed from scratch into a realistic blueprint for this multi element project.

Even more important than the computer modeling was Herman’s ability to listen to what was said, hinted at and explained imprecisely at first, as it was all ideas.

Herman sensed the client’s needs and taste translating them into 3D images. Monique , his wife, wanted a super clean look, white colors and glass for the wall units. The murphy bed wall anchored a complete wall unit complete with bed , closet, desk, and tv area.

The space created with the murphy bed allowed the bedroom to be used during day time as a playroom and study area for the kids and an extra bedroom at night.

The closets were enhanced with different accessories, light sources. The room divider separated the den area, media room and the living area. The closet doors were created from aluminum, glass and wood to blend with the other furniture elements.

The result was not merely an enthusiastic response from the Zuckers but also from a neighbor who was invited over to see. They liked the designs so well they ordered their own custom furniture project which project was started almost immediately.

Metro Door satisfying the most demanding client needs for over a decade. A free design consultation allows customers to see exactly what they will be getting in advance.

Metro offers superior workmanship. guaranteed on-time delivery and budget performance plus 100% satisfaction guaranteed and always striving and exceeding our client’s expectations.

Metro’s conveniently located in Aventura for the past decade. The company and staff speak English. Spanish, Hebrew, French, Portuguese and Italian.

Metro caters to both residential and commercial markets serving architects, designers, contractors and dealers

Technical Details

Metro customizes closets so no screws or backing can be seen vs. the competition using pre-made or assembled systems with adjustable shelves where holes are visible eyesores every time a closet door opens. Metro’s approach leaves no visible screws or connectors.

Paneling on the sides are 12″, 14″ or 16″ to take advantage of the panel sheet 48″ width. Drawers are comfortably 16″ deep. Closet backing is usually ¼” thick.

Side panels are always 24″ deep if space allows so clothes fit easily inside the panel side of the closet and not fall out. Backing is ¾” to minimize any risk to bending or warping over time. Further, it’s not attached to the wall vs. the more usual practice of hanging closets directly to the wall resulting in side panels not reaching the floor.